Verde Momento Mezcal (200 ml, 750 ml)

About This Item

Mezcal Verde Momento is made with agave Espadin and it uses a mix of three different types of wood (Ocote, Holm Oak & Pepper Tree) in the cooking process to give it an unique profile and the perfect level of smokiness.

Mezcal Verde Momento breaks mezcal’s traditional communication. It is anarchic, fun and honest. It is a unique mezcal with unrepeatable batches. In order to express that uniqueness, its design changes constantly. We support artists who share our vision and represent the moment of contemporary world. 

  • Ideal for cocktails or neat sipping.
  • 10% net profit goes back to sustainability projects.
  • 100% natural fermentation. (organic)
  • 100% sustainable.
  • USDA organiccertified

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