Vignalta - Pinot Bianco - Veneto

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Overview: Vignalta was founded in 1980 by Lucio Gomiero in Colli Euganei (the Venetian Hills) of Northern Italy. After years of tasting quality Bordeaux wines, Lucio felt inspired to produce wines of similar caliber in his native land. Due to the fact that Colli Euganei shares the same lines of latitude as Bordeaux, red Bordeaux varieties have since proven to thrive in the region and have quickly replaced many indigenous varieties following the phylloxera devastation in the 1800s.

Lucio paved the way for quality wine production in a region traditionally known for producing average wines. It has since gained notable recognition on a global scale. 

The Pinot Bianco fruit comes from the clay and iron-rich volcanic soils of Monte Venda sitting at an elevation of 250 m to 500 m, as well as trace amounts from its neighboring vineyard. All fruit is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. The wine spends several months on the lees with frequent stirring and undergoes 100% malolactic fermentation.

Tasting Notes: Pale straw gold color. Very clean limpid pear, apple and melon. The  palate is clean and powerful. An intriguing salts and mineral element.

Pairing: Classic wine that pairs with appetizers and first courses.

Points: 81, Wine Spectator

Format/ABV: 750 ml

In certain circumstances, a specific vintage may not be available. If this is the case, a comparable vintage of the same wine will be substituted for online orders. If shopping in store, please check the bottle for the appropriate vintage. If you have a question about a specific vintage that is in stock, please email

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