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Uncle Nearest 1884 - Back In Stock! The Story of the Man Who Taught Jack Daniel.

Uncle Nearest 1884 - Back In Stock! The Story of the Man Who Taught Jack Daniel.

Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch: An incredible legacy Tennessee Whiskey is an essential for any whiskey lover's bar. This bottle, however, is much more than the incredible juice inside: Uncle Nearest is a historic and revolutionary distillery that shaped the playing field of Tennessee Whiskey. 

Nathan Green, dubbed “The Best Whiskey Maker the World Never Knew”, is the world's first African-American Master Distiller. His story starts in Lynchburg Tennessee. This is the story of a former slave who perfected a process still used in whiskey making today, and shared his incredible talent with others who would go on to gain their own Whiskey fame, such as Jack Daniels himself!

The original whiskey still was born behind the farmhouse of a righteous man, Reverend Call. The reverend’s congregation didn’t support the ungodly activity of whiskey making in his backyard, so Reverend Call passed the operation off to a new owner. However, at this point it was well known that the man behind the delicious whiskey was Nathan “Nearest” Green. By popular demand, he continued making whiskey under the new owner.

Soon enough, the remarkable smoothness and character of Uncle Nearest’s whiskey became known across the state. In a period where photography was reserved for the wealthy and elite, we cannot construct a perfect picture of the legend behind Tennessee Whiskey. However there is much to be said for Nathan Green’s work in the shadows, who many consider to have perfected what is known as the Lincoln County Process - filtering whiskey through sugar maple before aging. 

Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch was awarded Best American Whiskey of 2021, and their full collection includes a slew of other awards. One can expect rich aromas of caramel and vanilla ice cream on the nose, while the taste has distinct flavors of amaretto, coriander, and brown butter. Medium mouthfeel. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch to celebrate a historic Tennessee whiskey Legacy. 




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