Absinthia Absinthe Verte (375 ml)

About This Item

Farm to glass certified organic absinthe. Made in California using vintage Swiss recipes.
Distilled on a California farm in a small batch copper pot still where the biodynamic grapes are grown. Organic botanicals from Oregon. Woman owned and produced.

Biodynamic grapes and certified organic artemesia absinthium (grande wormwood), anise, fennel, and coriander. Naturally colored golden, peridot green with organic herbs including artemesia pontica, lemon balm, and hyssop.

Free of artificial colors, gluten, and sugar.

Absinthia Organic Absinthe is smooth, elegant, and drinkable. Once distilled, absinthe is aromatic, brilliantly clear, and colorless. We use organic herbs to create the absinthe verte. The anise causes the louche effect that turns the absinthe verte a milky green when cool water is added.

This Swiss style verte has an earthy, grassy flavor and a natural sweetness and is delicious neat, on the rocks, with a splash of cold water, or in a cocktail.

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