Bruxo Mezcal No.5 Tobala (750 ml)

About This Item

Bruxo No. 5 is made by mezcalero Candido Reyes or Cesareo Rodriguez. Each with their own style and unique aspects of production. Candido Reyes, AKA Tio Conejo, is a mezcalero who makes Bruxo No. 5. (Uncle Rabbit). Cesareo "Hero" Rodriguez has also released other albums in this genre. Because wild agave Tobala plants are so tiny, it takes a lot of Tobala to make a modest amount of mezcal.

Tasting Notes: 

  • Color: Bright mezcal, crystalline and polished pearl shine.
  • Nose: Notes of butter and ripe tropical fruit. 
  • Palate: Notes of fruit such as peach, pineapple, and banana, very subtle smoky notes. 

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