Hine Homage Grand Cru Fine Champagne Cognac 750 ml

About This Item

• Unique blend of extra old cognacs aged in HINE’s cellars and
three vintage cognacs (1984, 1986, 1987) aged in the UK; HINE is
one of the few houses aging outside of France
• Aged a minimum of 10 years
• Made primarily from grapes grown in cognac’s most desired area,
Grande Champagne
• Fine and delicate in style, sip this cognac neat or on ice
• 40% ABV

"My new favourite example is the hot-off-the-press Hine Homage, a tongue-
tinglingly delicious blend of early-landed 1984, 1986 and 1987 vintage Cognacs.

Don’t waste it in a cocktail, but enjoy a double measure in the swankiest of
brandy balloons." - Jonathan Ray, GQ UK
• Internationally acclaimed for its blends, vintage and extra old
cognacs, the 250-year-old cognac house takes pride in its
unequalled collection of exceptional cognacs dating back to the
• The fine and delicate style is garnered by the careful growing of
grapes in cognac’s most desired areas and the use of wood to
enhance, not mask, the eaux-de-vie’s flavors.
• HINE’s artisan philosophy has led to innovations including a VSOP
for mixing; single estate, single vintage cognacs; and vintages aged
outside of France.
• Awarded the Royal Warrant in 1962, HINE continues to be the official
cognac supplier to HRH Queen Elizabeth II of England.
In the 18th century, an English merchant sent his son Thomas Hine to France to learn the art of making cognac. There Thomas fell
in love with the daughter of a famous cognac négociant. Following their marriage, Thomas joined his father-in-law’s company and
expanded what was to become the traditional business of HINE: making bespoke cognacs. In 1817, the company became Thomas
Hine & Co. and now, more than 250 years later, the extraordinary story of the Hine family and HINE cognac continues. Known for its a
sophisticated range of fine & delicate cognacs, HINE was appointed the official cognac supplier to HRH Queen Elizabeth II of England
in 1962. The Royal Warrant is granted for five years and every five years HINE has been honored to have the Warrant renewed.

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