Iona - Sophie te’Blanche - Pinot Noir Rose

About This Item

Overview: Established in 1997, Iona Vineyards is a family-owned wine farm located 1,450 feet above sea level overlooking the picturesque Elgin Valley. With the Atlantic Ocean a mere 2 miles away, this unique location invites sea breezes that make it one of the coolest micro climates in the Western Cape. This results in the grapes being on the vine two months longer than most Cape vineyards, thus resulting in beautifully developed flavor profiles.

Accordingly, Iona produces some of the best Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes in the New World. Iona is also blessed with the incredibly talented winemaker, Werner Muller, who has 12 Iona harvests under his belt. The owners of Iona, Andrew and Rozy Gunn, believe that an integral part of their success is their people. All Iona employees are shareholders and receive pension funds, education and social support. Their philosophy is that they would rather employ people than machines; and the winemaker is the custodian of the fruit.

Tasting Notes: As you lift the glass to your nose you immediately get notes of fresh, candied strawberries and fresh sweet raspberries with a hint of rose water. The palate has delicate notes of raspberries, watermelon and pink grapefruit, with a hint of white pepper on the finish.

Pairing: Any type of picnic food styles from chicken salad sandwiches and potato salads, to fresh green salads. This an “anytime and anywhere” kind of wine. Share it with friends on a beach, park, porch or patio on a warm summer’s day.


Format/ABV:750 ml/13.0

In certain circumstances, a specific vintage may not be available. If this is the case, a comparable vintage of the same wine will be substituted for online orders. If shopping in store, please check the bottle for the appropriate vintage. If you have a question about a specific vintage that is in stock, please email

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