Ransom Whipper Snapper 750 ml

About This Item


"While this whiskey has a corn-dominant mash bill, the malted barley clearly comes through on the nose. Toasted cereal grains, vanilla, freshly baked scones, Penuche candy, orange peel and toasted oak all made for a surprisingly complex nose. On the palate, big oaky flavors are there, but the secondary flavors are a bit more nuanced unlike so many American whiskeys with their big vanilla and caramel flavors. Maple sugar candy, dried apricots, roasted walnut, cereal grains, plum pudding and dried mint are all detectable here. When the corn wants to move the flavor profile to the sweeter side, the barley malt kicks in and keeps this restrained and subtly complex. The finish offers a nice bit of oak, sweet cream biscuits, and roasted almonds before gently disappearing. "

Whippersnapper is a whiskey as unique as its iconoclastic distiller, Tad Seestedt of Ransom Spirits. It’s closest to a bourbon with a corn-heavy mash bill, but it also has a hefty portion of malted barley like Scotch whisky and a nose reminiscent of unpeated Gaelic whiskeys. Aged for an average of one year (with individual ages of barrels in the blend ranging from six months to two years), in a variety of barrels, from used French oak wine barrels to used whiskey barrels to new whiskey barrels, this young whiskey punches far above its weight.

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