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$10 Fixed Shipping - Free Shipping on All Orders $200+

Coco Sky Coconut Creme Liqueur 750 ml

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What is Coco Sky?
The World’s only All Natural, Gluten Free, Zero Preservative, Lowest Calorie, premium Gin based Cream Liqueur. It is a delicious blend of fresh Coconut Water, premium Gin infused with proprietary botanical mix and Fresh Cream.  No refrigeration required and the shelf life is 1 year after the bottle is opened. Distilled and Bottled in Florida, USA. 

Our Mission
We aim to become a top spirit choice by consistently crafting a cream liqueur based on natural ingredients, innovative science, ethical resourcing and exceptional taste.
Our Vision
We want to excite, surprise and change: excite with our all natural product; surprise with our healthier, excellent tasting, scientific recipe; and change the way cream liqueur is consumed.

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