Coco Sky Coconut Creme Liqueur 750 ml

About This Item

What is Coco Sky?
The World’s only All Natural, Gluten Free, Zero Preservative, Lowest Calorie, premium Gin based Cream Liqueur. It is a delicious blend of fresh Coconut Water, premium Gin infused with proprietary botanical mix and Fresh Cream.  No refrigeration required and the shelf life is 1 year after the bottle is opened. Distilled and Bottled in Florida, USA. 

Our Mission
We aim to become a top spirit choice by consistently crafting a cream liqueur based on natural ingredients, innovative science, ethical resourcing and exceptional taste.
Our Vision
We want to excite, surprise and change: excite with our all natural product; surprise with our healthier, excellent tasting, scientific recipe; and change the way cream liqueur is consumed.

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