Cyrus Noble Bourbon Whiskey 750 ML

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About This Item

  • "The aroma of the bourbon is more on the leather and dried herbs side (think thyme) than the syrupy, sweet side. This is more of a masculine whiskey, perhaps not full-on-Marlboro-Man-masculine, but definitely on that side of the scale. Once in a while you catch a glimpse of some dark chocolate or a little sweetened vanilla cream, but mostly what stands out is that nothing really stands out...and that is not a negative. The flavors harmonize well, but the volume is turned down to a gentle hum."

Cyrus Noble is a whiskey brand that has been reintroduced by the folks who have owned the trademark since 1922, the Haas Brothers. Folks claim this brand was a favorite Kentucky bourbon for San Franciscans and is currently being sourced from Heaven Hill. It is a 5-year old bourbon and is bottled at 90 proof.

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