Dos Artes Skull Face, Mala Vida Blanco/Reposado Combo Set

About This Item

Set Includes: 

1 Mala Vida Blanco (750 ml): The intense flavors, balanced aroma and medium body give Mala Vida Blanco the perfect balance for premium beverages.

1 Mala Vida Reposado (750 ml): Highlights include a balance between hints of cooked agave and fruit, and added vanilla and caramel bring out the intensity of the oak. With a lingering taste, an intense aroma, and a well-rounded and full body.

1 Dos Artes Skull Face (750 ml): This Anejo is a beautiful golden color. The nose is a mix of toasted agave, oak, and additional floral aroma of grass. At the mid palate, white pepper notes come about and its aftertaste is a sweet brown sugar taste. 

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