Elexir Vegetal De La Grand-Chartreuse (100 ml)

About This Item

In 1605, the Duke of Estrees entrusted the Carthusians with a manuscript bearing a mysterious recipe made up of 130 plants that could give rise to an "Elixir of long life". For more than a century and a half, the Carthusians will develop this recipe which will give birth, thanks in particular to Brother Jérôme Maubec, to a final product fixed in 1764 called "Plant Elixir of the Grande Chartreuse". It was quickly distributed as a care product to local populations, especially during the cholera crisis of 1832. Brother Charles was the first to market it in local markets, descending on a donkey from the monastery. Since 1764, the recipe for the Elixir has remained unchanged.

Serving and Pairing Suggestions: It is a cordial, a digestive and a very effective tonic:

  • Pure in a teaspoon
  • In herbal tea or hot toddy with honey and lemon
  • A few drops on a piece of sugar, on a meringue
  • In a cup of water in case of fatigue, discomfort or indisposition
  • A few drops in a cocktail to bring a herbaceous note

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