Elijah Craig x Goose Island Combo Pack (2 x 750 ml)

About This Item

This Bottle Set Includes: 

(1) Goose Island Bourbon County Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout (750 ml)

Our Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout was aged for one year in Elijah Craig’s Small Batch Bourbon Barrels, then another year in Elijah Craig Toasted Bourbon Barrels. Not only does this stout embody distinctive elements from Elijah Craig’s award-winning Small Batch Bourbon Barrels—like warm spice & vanilla—it also deepened in intensity during its second year of aging. The result? A Bourbon County Stout unlike any before. In addition to the familiar chocolate, caramel, and vanilla comes flavors of toasted marshmallow and a very pronounced fruit and oak finish. Bourbon County Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout has a rich complexity and flavor only attainable through true craftsmanship, partnership, expert blending, and, of course, patience. 

(1) Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750 ml

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon is a balanced, plush whiskey with well-integrated notes of vanilla, caramel, and toast. The spicy, lingering finish promises to keep you coming back for more.
  • Nose: Delightfully complex with notes of vanilla bean, sweet fruit, and fresh mint.
  • Palate: Smooth and warm; pleasantly woody with accents of spice, smoke, and nutmeg.
  • Finish: Long, sweet, and slightly toasty.



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