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Shipping From $19.99. Free Shipping* on Orders $350+* With Code: Freeship

Katun Autentico Mexican Gin (750 ml)

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Gin Katún is the first handcrafted Gin developed in Yucatán. A unique and completely Mexican Gin made with botanical ingredients and vested in time. Well yes, Mexico is a country that has a tradition of distilling for hundreds of years. In Mexico Mezcal, Tequila, Bacanora, Sotol, among others, have been distilled for hundreds of years. Why Yucatán? The ethnobotany in the Yucatan Peninsula has a huge cultural richness, but there is also an intangible richness reflected in a deep knowledge of plants, which helps us to have unique botanics to create a unique product. For Gin Katún we use 17 botanicals, many from Yucatan Peninsula

Tasting Notes: The result of this composition is a one of a kind Gin. The scent perfectly captures the richness of Mérida’s central market: chili peppers, pepper, cardamom, fresh fruits... The scent is beautifully powerful and harmonious. It is quite an experience. The best part is its mouth feel: pure silk (thanks to its journey through the copper distillation Blask), full of Blavors that will certainly be appreciated by every taster.

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