Solento Organic Blanco Tequila (750 ml)

About This Item

Made for those who appreciate the ritual of slowing down and being present, Solento is an award-winning, USDA certified organic tequila range made in small batches from a single estate.

We appreciate that good things take time, and we know that good tequila is in no rush at all. The name Solento is based on the Spanish translation of the words “slow sun”. We celebrate slow.

Flawlessly clear and effortlessly smooth. We recommend sipping over ice with a
twist of lemon.

Tasting Notes: 

  • Nose: Vanilla, lemon tree blossom.
  • Palate: Meyer lemon, Tahitian vanilla. Smooth, silky mouthfeel.
  • Finish: Clean finish with a hint of lemon peel.


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