The Last Drop Finest Aged Blended Scotch Whisky 750 ml

About This Item

  • 52% Abv
  • The Nose Has A Complexity Of Chocolate, Figs, Pronounced Vanilla; Faintest Exchos Of Peatsmoke; Sherry Wood Emerges With Added Water. Personally, I Detected A Memory Of Ancient Bodegas.
  • Natural Sweetness On The Palate, Then Spice At The Back Of The Mouth. Harmonious Combination Of New-Mown Hay, Dried Fruit, Herbs And Rich Biscuits. The Sherry Cask Has Rounded This Whisky To A Complex Whole. Really Spicy, Long Finish. A Great Surprise Is To Find The Whisky Still So Youthfully Fresh After Fifty Years In Cask &Ndash; I Would Almost Say &Lsquo;Brisk&Rsquo;.

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